Initiative: Creating ownership amongst citizens for improved public service delivery

Abiha is working on her PhD from the Public Governance Institute at KU Leuven, whilst living in Belgium for the past two years. Her PhD focuses on structural and procedural reforms at the federal level of Pakistan and their effect on the performance management process. Abiha completed her MBA and MPhil in Public Management from Pakistan. She served as a Lecturer for the University of Central Punjab, Lahore. Before her work in academia, Abiha worked on a research project led by the European research group COBRA. She has presented her research at 5 international conferences and has published two research papers.

Abiha’s initiative, ”Let’s do it together’, promotes the idea of progressive and responsive citizens who contribute towards a better Pakistan and are accountable to themselves and their teams rather than criticizing the government or their fellow citizens. Abiha believes that citizens should first do their part for their homeland and that accountability starts with one’s own self.