Profession: Social Entrepreneur

What is the problem è me you try to r é resolve : To contribute to civic construction and the spirit of volunteerism of Malian youth through civic education and leadership.

What is the name of the project : Citizenship and Leadership Education Program (PECL)

Briefly describe the project (3 sentences max) : The citizenship and leadership education program aims to awaken Malian youth on the importance of community service through leadership training and civic engagement. The PECL will, on the one hand, enable students to learn to be responsible by undertaking voluntary activities in their communities and intervenes in the framework of building competences for the personal and social development of young people.

On the other hand, it will serve as a model for the authorities in charge of education to bring innovation to the Malian Educational System and to include community service initiatives for young students at least once a week. NGOs, businesses or other sectors during free time.

Why the Lab ?: The Lab because it helps to shape responsible citizens through innovative projects by involving youth throughout the process of execution.

What you hope to learn through the incubator experience : Project Management, Budgeting, Negotiation, Project Monitoring and Evaluation. Agaichatou DICKO has five years of experience in Community Services.

She holds a Master’s degree in English -Arab at the Faculty of Arts, Languages ​​and Language Sciences and a Secondary Teacher Diploma at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Bamako.

In 2014, she participated in the SUSI (Study of the US Institutes) program through the Women Changing the Face of Leadership component in the United States in Boston for five weeks of Female Leadership training. .

Upon her return, she and her peers created “Association of Young Leaders in Action for the Advancement of Women” (AJLAPF) which aims to promote leadership and empowerment of women involved in education. , agriculture, health and entrepreneurship.

She is also the initiator of the “Summer Training Initiative Program” which is a program of free holidays courses that has trained 66 students of the upper secondary and high school of the city of Bamako and some regions of Mali in English, Civic Education and team building in 2015.

She also completed two years of professional internship at the Protocol Directorate of the Republic.

In 2016, she was selected for six weeks of training as part of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, where she studied Civic Leadership at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In the same year, she participated in five weeks of training in Public Management through the Young African Leaders Initiative Program (YALI-Dakar).

Recently, She was selected by IREX for six months of Professional Development at Accountability Lab Mali, in charge of Monitoring and Evaluation. Through this experience she has trained 60 volunteers in citizen engagement and leadership through the Integrity Idol project to identify and celebrate the honest and accountable civil servants of the public administration.

Agaichatou Dicko is very fascinated by the discovery of other cultures and civilizations.

She is a women’s and girls’ rights activist and believes that “Africa’s progress is resting in the hands of women, empowering them on all fronts is a step to positively impact Africa”.