Profession : artist-musician

What problem are you working to solve : nepotism, corruption & bad governance in Mali.

What’s the project name : creation of a network of young artists committed to the development of Mali.

Describe the project briefly : the project involves the implementation of a network that will bring together several young Malian artists to contribute through the arts to the fight against corruption and poor governance in Mali. It is therefore a group that will rely on their arts to raise awareness and educate, while transmitting messages of peace, patriotism and national unity; whole messages towards the accountability, stability and cohesion of the Malian people.

Why the Lab: we are seeking support from Lab because our project is in line with Lab’s objectives, which in this case provide support to young people who want to act to positively impact their society in a number of countries, including Mali.

What do you hope to learn from the incubator experience : leadership, communication, editing and project management.

Biography of artist Ben Zabo

From his real name Arouna Moussa Coulibaly, the artist BEN ZABO was born January 24, 1984 in Tominian in the Ségou region of Mali.

Graduate of the Conservatory of Bamako, he has 2 albums under the German label Glitterhouse Records and since then knows great European and African scenes such as: Way out West Festival ( in Sweden) , Oya Festival (in Norway), Lowlands Festival, Africa Festival Hertme , Amsterdam Roots festival (in Holland), Festival Weltmusik im Palmengarten – Frankfurt, Berlin- Berghain Kantine (in Germany), Festival Taragalte- M’hamid (in Morocco) festival Crossroads-Les Houches (in France), Festival Presenze D Africa-Florence (in Italy), SFINKS Festival-Antwerp (in Belgium), Globaltica Festival-Gdynia (in Poland), Festival on the Niger-Ségou, FESTICAURIS- Siby, Sélingué International Festival, Caravan for Peace, festibwa- Tominian (in Mali), SICA Festival in Benin …

The music of Ben Zabo, described as “Afrobeat Malian” is a mix of rhythms of the soil with influences of modern sounds borrowed from funk, blues, rock, reggae and even jazz.

Aficionado of the Afrobeat, Ben Zabo does it with an originality inspired by “tèndoro” and “denial” , musical rhythms of the terroir bo using traditional instruments such as the balafon, the bara (calabash drum), the ara ‘o (long drum) and the tama (armpit drum).

Not from a family of musicians, he came to music passionately and began his apprenticeship with the conductor of “BWA BAND”, Tominian’s orchestra. Then he performed in various musical groups of the place.

The beginning of 2015 saw the release of his second album entitled “WA MALIBA”.

In his themes, Ben Zabo addresses themes in favor of stability and development, peace and social cohesion of the Malian and African peoples in general. Whole themes focused on tolerance and the integration of cultures and peoples.