Initiative: Research-based policy making for persons with disabilities

Atta started his social, professional, and volunteer journey focusing on grassroots conflict resolution, non-violence, love, forgiveness, and the promotion of peace and human rights in remote and unsafe areas of Pakistan. In 2002, Atta formed the Youth Association for Development (YAD), whose mission is “systematically listening, learning, and operating on the views, feedback, reflections, perspective, concepts & ideas of diverse affected peoples which helps the social change of organizations to improve performance by harnessing feedback from the people we serve.” His role in YAD is to lead, manage, and develop the organization, design and implement programs, and support the organization’s efforts in promoting youth activism, peace-building, conflict resolution, nonviolence, and human rights. Their work is collaborative, as we have worked with 23 donor agencies as well as members of 155 national, regional, and international networks.