Initiative: Mapping and data collection of urban squatters for effective resource distribution

Mishele Ijaz is a Senior Research Analyst at the Urban Unit, a private-sector company of the Planning and Development Department in the Government of Punjab. She has her Master’s in City and Regional Planning from Georgia Tech and her Bachelor’s in Architecture from the National College of Arts. Her interests lie in the field of urban development, and she aims to address the inequalities that have arisen in cities as a result of uncontrolled markets, lack of political will, and poor governance.

The purpose of this project is to document the physical situation, as well as the living experience of slums and slum households in the city of Lahore. The objective is to make NGOs, government institutions, and international development organizations aware of the living conditions of those in urban slums, so that they may take steps to accommodate these citizens. Documentation is essential, not only to compile data, but also to learn who the slum dwellers are, in order to incorporate their aspirations in the urban planning and development process.