Occupation: Journalist

What problem are you working to solve? Train myself to have a good business model so that my project is effective and responsive.

What’s the project name? 30 young people

Describe the project briefly: The aim is to produce articles on the education system in Mali in relation to job opportunities and articles on the possibility of developing micro-enterprises in their localities of origin after these school curriculum. In addition, it is also about making press articles for the web (photos, videos and slides) to make young people aware of the electoral process and the role they play in it.

Why the Lab ?: To expand my network and have techniques for obtaining funding to facilitate the implementation of the project. This will enable young people to contribute more to the electoral process and to fight against unemployment and immigration.

What do you hope to learn from the incubator experience? Learn, have notions about citizen participation, elections, techniques to expand your network, create and implement innovative projects and seek funding, etc.

Participation in the training on the role of young people in the organization of an election, journalist engaged in the promotion of democracy, training and education of young people, martial arts teachers and members of two local development associations: one for young people and the other for my neighborhood.

Website: 3ominutes.net