Integrity Icon aims to inspire a national movement- led by civil society, on the ground, online and through the media- to celebrate, encourage and connect honest civil servants. We want to move away from “naming and shaming” and towards “naming and faming” those bureaucrats that are working with integrity to build the public service.

Integrity Icon is an annual campaign which, since 2015, has garnered millions of viewers (read more in the Guardian, Economist and Foreign Policy). The value of Integrity Icon is the process, not the outcome. It is a way to create constructive conversations about what it means to be a public servant, the role of government in a society, and how we should think about an inclusive, fair system. We maintain that by creating a positive conversation about values-driven governance and making heroes out of people doing the right thing, we can we push for a collective shift in mindsets.

Winning Icons have now gone on to lead important reform processes in their countries based on the trust and credibility generated through Integrity Idol; and we are now working with them to expand their integrity networks to do everything from developing national policies to redesigning curricula for civil service training schools.