Situations like the coronavirus pandemic quickly lead to misinformation, rumors and fake news. We can all play a role in beating the virus by making sure that we are sharing validated information and using trusted sources to inform our decision-making.

The Lab has moved quickly to lean on our experience in feedback models to launch the Coronovirus CivActs Campaign. CivActs – or Civic Action Teams – is the new name for our Citizen Helpdesk model. We’ve relaunched as CivActs to situate our work more strongly in civic action and local communities.


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The Coronavirus CivActs Campaign (CCC) gathers rumours, concerns and questions from communities across the country to eliminate information gaps between the government, media, NGOs and citizens. By providing the public with facts, the CCC ensures a better understanding of needs regarding the coronavirus and debunks rumours before they can do more harm.

The bulletin is currently available in Nepal, Pakistan, South Africa, Mali and Nigeria. Download the issues below.







Bulletin 1 – English and Nepali
Bulletin 2 – English and Nepali
Bulletin 3 – English and Nepali
Bulletin 4 – English and Nepali
Bulletin 5 – English and Nepali
Bulletin 6 – English and Nepali
Bulletin 7 – English and Nepali







Bulletin 1 – English and Urdu
Bulletin 2 – English and Urdu
Bulletin 3 – English and Urdu
Bulletin 4 – English and Urdu
Bulletin 5 – English and Urdu
Bulletin 6 – English and Urdu
Bulletin 7 – English and Urdu
Bulletin 8 – English and Urdu
Bulletin 9 – English and Urdu
Bulletin 10 – English and Urdu
Bulletin 11 – English and Urdu


South Africa

Bulletin 1 – English and Afrikaans
Bulletin 2 – English and Afrikaans
Bulletin 3 – English and Afrikaans
Bulletin 4 – English and Afrikaans



Bulletin 1 – French
Bulletin 2 – French and Bambara
Bulletin 3 – French and Bambara
Bulletin 4 – French and Bambara



Bulletin 1 – French and Haoussa
Bulletin 2 – French and Haoussa
Bulletin 3 – French and Haoussa



Bulletin 1 – Pidgin and English