Below please find a DRAFT TOR.  We work with each fellow to create a bespoke experience based on the needs of the fellow and what is happening in the country at the time.


The Accountability Lab is a non-profit organization based in Washington DC with locally registered organizations in Nepal, Mali, Pakistan, Liberia, Nigeria and Mali. The Accountability Lab catalyzes a new generation of active citizens and responsible leaders. We train, mentor, and resource citizens to strengthen systems of accountability to unleash positive social and economic change. The Lab also strives to reinvent the way that development organizations operate through radical transparency, context-appropriate reporting, and creative awareness campaigns.

The Lab’s MONITORING AND EVALUATION fellowship program aims to provides structured training, knowledge-building and hands-on experience to ensure that the Lab collects and uses all of the data and information it needs to grow and improve.  You will work with some of the best social change-makers in these countries, and be provided continual feedback to track progress and impact. As a fellow, you will be a full-fledged member of the Accountability Lab team, with the opportunity to design, shape, and implement programs and systems.

Duration:  TBD.

Reports to: TBD.

Location: TBD

Compensation: TBD. The fellow will be covered by the Accountability Lab’s comprehensive health insurance policy.

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Conduct research and analysis of new countries’ readiness for Lab activities based on political openness, security risks, economic viability, potential partners, etc.
  • Work with local staff to identify challenges and opportunities to implementing the M,E & L framework, and develop a context-specific strategy for M,E & L
  • Work with the US staff to track progress along the Operational Plan, 3-year Strategy, Impact & Learning Report commitments, and Theory of Change
  • Assist “accountapreneurs” and Accountability Lab staff in developing surveys to disseminate before and after program activities
  • Help organize learning roundtable events, impact conversations with the community, and Quarterly Impact Calls
  • Brainstorm creative ways to better document lessons learned and gather feedback throughout the year
  • Support data collection, analysis, and reporting on the Lab’s work;
  • Assist with the Identification of metrics and goals for success and work with the team to design or modify monitoring and evaluation instruments that are both quantitative and qualitative to asses these metrics of success;
  • Work in close collaboration with internal counterparts and external partners to strengthen the data quality, accuracy and consistency to build credible performance evidence.
  • Explore opportunities for use of technology in M&E (e.g. mobile data collection or feedback systems) in the Labs M&E efforts;
  • Support to project and communication teams to enable effective use of findings in the formulation of policy, training or communication materials.


  • Support senior staff to follow-up on monitoring and evaluation findings to ensure that corrective actions are taken and/or adjustments are made to program responses;
  • Support the Lab’s internal learning and evaluation processes including annual impact and learning reporting and ongoing iterative data collection processes;
  • Work with staff to pilot alternative MEL approaches, tools and techniques such as social network analysis and complexity aware monitoring approaches; 


  • Work with the in country teams to develop logframes and impact measurement tools for all projects and ensure data is collected against agreed upon goals on an ongoing basis;
  • Produce monitoring and evaluation progress reports with status of results and implementation of improvements