Below please find a DRAFT TOR for the Visual Storytelling Fellowship.  PLEASE NOTE that we work with each fellow to create a bespoke experience based on the needs of the fellow as well as the country offices.


The Accountability Lab is a non-profit organization based in Washington DC with locally registered organizations in Nepal, Mali, Pakistan, Liberia, Nigeria and Mali. The Accountability Lab catalyzes a new generation of active citizens and responsible leaders. We train, mentor, and resource citizens to strengthen systems of accountability to unleash positive social and economic change. The Lab also strives to reinvent the way that development organizations operate through radical transparency, context-appropriate reporting, and creative awareness campaigns.

The Lab’s VISUAL STORYTELLING fellowship program aims to provides structured training, knowledge-building and hands-on experience to tell stories about the incredible people we work with and the change they are creating on the ground.  You will work with some of the best social change-makers in these countries, and be provided continual feedback to track progress and impact. As a fellow, you will be a full-fledged member of the Accountability Lab team, with the opportunity to design, shape, and implement programs and systems.

Duration:  TBD.

Reports to: TBD.

Location: TBD

Compensation: TBD. The fellow will be covered by the Accountability Lab’s comprehensive health insurance policy.

Visual Communications

  • Take high-quality photographs of the Lab’s new individual staff members, accountapreneurs, and participants in the accountapreneurs programs; group shots of the team; action shots of the accountapreneurs’ projects and Accountability Lab projects/events in action; and photos of general life in Liberia that depict the challenges and hope.
  • Produce/ update a short overview video (less than 3 minutes) of the Accountability Lab’s mission and impact in TBD
  • Host a training session for Accountability Lab staff on photography/ film-making
  • Support the development of internal processes to strengthen efficient communications operations, and program management;
  • Gather visual content and engage actively on social media around the Lab’s work in TBD and around the world.

Story Telling

  • Produce three short videos (less than 3 minutes each) introducing and promoting the Lab’s new accountapreneurs: and showing their work in action, and the role that the Lab has played in helping them have grow and have an impact (by the end of the fellowship);
  • Contribute to the Integrity Idol campaign, by capturing stories on where the past Integrity Idols are now, and contributing to plans for Integrity Idol 2017;

Learning/ Strategy/ Operations

  • Create a photo essay or short written blog post (about 500 words) highlighting how the Lab works, the impact of its work, and/or what you’re learning about accountability in TBD;
  • Regularly save photos and videos on an external hard drive at the Liberia office, a shared Dropbox or Google Drive folder (include the date and subject of the photo, including names and descriptions/stories), and with the Newhouse School;
  • Understand the responsibilities and standards required and represent the organization according to its goals and mission.
  • Develop marketing outputs for the Accountability Lab TBD based on strategy, events and programs;
  • Provide inputs and drafts of language for a variety of outputs including websites, press releases and social media content;
  • Manage Insider Circle newsletters for TBD (collation, development and dissemination);
  • Gather stories, quotes, impact statistics, and lessons learned from Accountability Lab’s participants/beneficiaries, “accountapreneurs”, and team members;

For more information please get in touch with us, [email protected]