Do you have an idea for building accountability and transparency in your community? Are you developing a new tool for civic engagement or anti-corruption? Apply to join the Accountability Incubator for a chance to receive the support you need to turn your idea into reality!

The Incubator is the Lab’s flagship initiative to provide passionate and innovative young leaders with catalytic support to develop and implement low-cost, high-impact solutions for accountability in their communities. This is a two-year, intensive program that provides “accountapreneurs” with:

  • Training and Knowledge Building: 120 hours of highly interactive training to help accountapreneurs build the accountability eco-system of their countries.
  • Hands-on-mentoring and management support: significant assistance in understanding the role the individual and organization can play in building an accountability eco-system, including one-on-one sessions focusing on vision, mission, strategy, planning and implementation; in addition to support accountapreneurs to build organization’s accounting and finances, staff development and relationship-building with key stakeholders.
  • Network and Community Building: The Lab will help facilitate and strengthen connections between the accountapreneurs and civil society, government, the private sector and donors through networking events and one-on-one introductions.
  • Media Outreach: ongoing help for the accountapreneurs to develop: public speaking skills, writing skills, connections with local and international media houses to ensure maximum exposure, and additional training on outreach and communications through traditional and social media channels;
  • Seed Funding and Fundraising: the Incubator will provide seed funds to the accountapreneurs and provide significant additional support to assist these change-makers in obtaining fellowships, developing sustainability plans, building out earned income streams and applying for additional funding to ensure success over time. Participants are eligible to receive up to $10,000 disbursed during the two-year program. Funding will be contingent upon performance.


Accountapreneurs are expected to collaborate with the Accountability Lab staff to strengthen and implement their initiative, provide project information and data on projects impact and attend all trainings and accountability collective meetings, which will take place in a quarterly basis. Participants are expected to work a minimum of 20 hours per week in order to effectively develop their project.


Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

1. The candidate meets the selection criteria:

  • A national of the Nepal, Pakistan or Liberia
  • Under 35 years of age
  • Based in or willing to travel to Monrovia, Kathmandu, or Islamabad for trainings

2. The candidate demonstrates to share Lab’s values:

  • Integrity: Set an example of honesty and transparency in what is done. Being accountable to all stakeholders and continually evaluate program impact.
  • Humility: Recognizes that local people know best how to create change in their community. Shares the idea that building trust, changing mindsets, and setting up systems of accountability ultimately must be done from within.
  • Collaboration: Strives to listen to, learn from, and find positive ways to collaborate with everyone we can.
  • Practicality: Creates useful tools that are sustainable and scalable over time. Prepared to use the seed funding they receive in a cost-effective manner.

3. The idea proposed by candidate is:

  • Feasible: How likely is it that the idea proposed will be achieved within the scope of the funded program?
  • Creative: Is the idea proposed innovative and forward thinking?
  • Sustainable: Is the project likely to be sustained in the longer-term? Is the impact likely to be long-term?
  • Scalable: How likely is that the project will deliver results and needs? How likely is the project to achieve a greater impact?


  •  Individuals with ideas for building accountability in the education, health, migration, business, open government, and/or technology sectors;
  • Individuals from organizations already working on accountability and transparency issues;
  • Women, people with disabilities, and individuals with accountability ideas for “leaving no one behind”.



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