Accountability Lab Nepal was the first of our network labs to open in 2012. The passionate team has run a widely-supported Integrity Icon campaign annually since then and expanded its work in migrant rights and budget transparency through our Civic Action Teams.

Integrity Icon: The five Integrity Icons of 2019 were celebrated at a ceremony in Kathmandu which attracted more than 500 guests. They are Prem Bahadur Darai, Gyanendra Kumar Mishra, Punya Prabha Devkota, Kajiman Rai, and Iswar Subedi who work across the sectors of education, conservation, health and safety.

Integrity School: The second cohort for the team’s Integrity School was hosted at the Open Gov Hub in Kathmandu in late November. Thirteen young government officials, along with 8 previous fellows, participated in a 3-day training session on practicing integrity through innovation, values-shifting and trendsetting. Around 100 guests from varied sectors were also present to celebrate the participants’ graduation from the first cohort 

Civic Action Teams: Working with communities to close the loop on accountability challenges related to the earthquakes, migration and budget expenditures. For the past two years, AL Nepal has been growing its work in the field of migration, and has seen increasing evidence of how local governments are starting to take migration issues in their communities more seriously.

Accountability Incubator: Recruitment for the 2020 cohort was focused on attracting applications from young people interested in the fields of local governance, disaster response or management and gender rights.

Film School for Women: Training and supporting young women in filmmaking and visual storytelling on accountability and good governance issues. The team ran  fellowship applications for the Gender, Peace and Accountability Edition of the school – made possible by the N-Peace Award won by the Lab in October.

OpenGovHub (Kathmandu): A fully-equipped co-working, community and innovation space.

We are coming live on 15th July, Wednesday at 4 pm with Sita Sharma, Senior Auxiliary Nurse Midwife ( #IntegrityIcon 2018), to hear real time experience of being at the frontline in Birendranagar Municipality during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. #Covid_19 #FrontLineHeroes https://t.co/5h33uvPWAh

Rambahadur Kurumbang CDO of Banke & one of our Integrity Icons is encouraging frontline workers to work more effectively by visiting their working place by himself during the current pandemic. #Covid_19 #frontlineworkers #frontlineheroes #Covid_heroes #IntegrityIcon @AccountLab https://t.co/SXb9azmWVo

Seek Bindhu if you need justice, used to be a common saying among the women of Banke. She was a real fighter who fought for women's rights and even during the most difficult of times, she kept fighting. Her good deeds will never be forgotten and will always be imprinted among us. https://t.co/csCHH4yHr9

What happens when women have the power of visual storytelling? The short films created by female film fellows can give you the answer as they bring out different perspectives around a diverse range of gender issues. @setopati https://t.co/4xPxUw4veH @AccountLab @onionfilmsnepal



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