How WaterWide is Pushing for Clean Water for All in Nigeria

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With the support of the Lab’s incubator program, Wilson Atumeyi’s WaterWide NPO is working hard to hold government authorities accountable for ensuring that even the most marginalized communities have safe [...]

Road to Riyadh – Can the G20 Fight Corruption?

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· The G20 places an important emphasis on anti-corruption - but has a long way to go to understand the progress it is making on these issues; · Information is [...]

Government Accountability Explains Differing Pandemic Responses

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The coronavirus health crisis has brought about deep challenges related to misinformation, governance and trust. In a webinar sponsored by the Center for Strategic International Studies on Wednesday, Accountability Lab [...]

Open government & Covid-19 response – Stories from the Open Gov podcast

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The Lab took part in an episode of the “Stories from the Open Gov” podcast hosted by Richard Pietro of Re:OpenGov, highlighting what governments need to do to hold their [...]

Accountability Lab Liberia Awards Winners of the Rap2Rep Coronavirus Music

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Monrovia – Accountability Lab Liberia has awarded Hellen Smith, an emerging gospel musical artist, as the winner of this year's Rap2Rep musical campaign – a special feature that places high [...]

Accountability Lab awards 2 Liberian artists

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Accountability Lab has awarded two Liberian artists for winning its Rap2Rep musical campaign. Ms. Hellen Smith emerged as winner of the campaign, receiving a grand prize of US$ 300, while [...]

Corruption is rife in the COVID-19 era. Here’s how to fight back

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The pandemic has created conditions in which corruption can flourish; This can exacerbate and prolong the negative effects of this crisis; Here are three ways to start tackling this issue [...]

M&E of the Intangible: Resources on Social Norms

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Social norms have risen significantly in profile amongst those working on behavior change related to gender, female genital mutilation, public health, child marriage and increasingly corruption. With the increase in [...]

Grant Makers Can Improve Government Effectiveness in the Covid-19 Era

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Philanthropy has committed billions of dollars in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. While certainly generous, that’s a fraction of the trillions committed so far by governments worldwide. And therein lies [...]